NovaLog Broadcast Audio Logger

NovaLog audio logger software operates on a standard PC platform under Microsoft Windows®.

NovaLog uses RealAudio® for logging for for an excellent compromise of audio quality and recording time.

NovaLog Plus screen shot


Completely unattended recording
No tapes to change or forget.
Simultaneous record/play
NovaLog keeps recording while you playback.
Large recording capacity
6 weeks of 8kHz bandwidth RealAudio needs just 8GB.
Drive space re-use
NovaLog automatically over-writes old files once the allocated space is filled.
Date and time display
Shows the actual recorded date and time during playback.
On-screen VU meters
Stereo meters for record and play are always visible.
Wave file copying
NovaLog (all versions) can copy clips to Windows wave files.
Audio quality options
RealAudio provides over 30 choices ranging from voice-grade mono for long recording times to near CD-quality stereo (ATRAC3).
Two loggers in one
Linear PCM recording can run simultaneously for a short term "HiFi" log to re-use on air or burn to CD (Requires NovaLog Plus with an additional sound card ). Other ACM formats possible.
Network playback
Use ReaOnePlayer or NovaPlay, the playback only version of NovaLog.
Simple to setup
NovaLog installs easily on almost any recent PC and works with practically any sound card.
Internet ready audio
NovaLog records directly to RealAudio - the ideal basis for a website streaming archived programs.

Three different versions

NovaLog LT One RealAudio flavour (16kb/s), uses all space on one/all drives
NovaLog > 30 RealAudio flavours, space control across multiple drives
NovaLog Plus As above, adds "HiFi" PCM logging via a second audio card


® Windows is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. RealAudio is a registered trademark of RealNetworks.    © GWS Audio Visual / Greg Segal 2014