NovaLog DownLoads

NovaLog for Microsoft Windows® (2000 / Vista / Win 7, 32/64 bit) requires at least 1GB free space on drive C:\ to operate in demonstration form.

(Check the ReadMe file in Downloads about use under Vista and Windows 7).

After you download NovaLog you can run it in a limited demonstration form. You can try it in all 3 versions - NovaLog LT, NovaLog, and NovaLog Plus.

When you buy NovaLog, we send you a code that unlocks it into the version you purchased. Your user name or station callsign will be visible on the screen.

UPGRADING - If you already have any earlier version of NovaLog or NovaPlay 2.n, you are welcome to a free upgrade by downloading the current versions here. Your registration codes will work, and probably won't even need to be re-entered. Make sure you un-install your old version first (via Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs. Your audio files will not be affected).

The current version of NovaLog and NovaPlay is 2.22.0.

 DownLoad NovaLog (about 1.6MB)
NovaLog also needs RealPlayer® 8 - 13 (the free version is OK)

WARNING - NovaLog and NovaPlay will not work with RealPlayer version onwards, (released 28 Oct 2010).
An earlier compatible version is available on the link below.
After installation we suggest you disable its 'agent' by using MSCONFIG and deselecting "tkbell" and "realsched" if present.

 DownLoad RealPlayer (Ver 11 Gold, app 12MB)
The manual (PDF format) covers NovaLog and NovaPlay...
 DownLoad NovaLog Manual (about 250kB)
NovaPlay is the network player, and also needs ReaPlayer 8 or later...
 DownLoad NovaPlay (about 0.7MB)
The ReadMe file lists NovaLog's history, bugfixes, etc.
 DownLoad ReadMe.txt (20kB)


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