About GWS

GWS Audio Visual is the business name of Greg Segal, who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Greg has been involved in radio since the late 1970s when he started working as a technical volunteer at 3CR, a major AM commununity station. His involvement there has been almost continuous since then. and is now largely on a paid basis. A major project was the relocation of 3CR's transmitter in 1996 to a new site - this is an unusual design with a directional "folded monopole" antenna system.

Since late 2004 Greg has also had responsibility for the studios of the fine music FM station 3MBS.

The last few years have added the fascinating introduction of Digital Radio (DAB+) at 3CR and 3MBS.

Greg has had an interest in software for many years as well, beginning with QuickBasic, dBase and Clipper. During the early 1990s he started to wonder if it would be possible to replace 3CR's open reel audio logger with a PC based system recording to hard disk. Finally in 1996 it looked possible - large (enough) hard drives, the right algorithm (RealAudio), and the right development tool in Borland Delphi. After much sweat and frustration, the first NovaLog was shipped in mid 1997. Over 90 Australian radio stations (including 3CR and 3MBS) now use NovaLog.

In Melbourne, Greg lives with his wife Ruth, who is a lactation consultant. Sometimes Ruth drags Greg away from his computer or soldering iron and takes him cycling.

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